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Documents Needed for Divorce in Colorado

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The process of divorce is complex to say the least, involving various legal deadlines and mountains of paperwork in order to be completed. In the state of Colorado, divorcing spouses must present their attorneys with a wide range of different documents in order to determine the terms of their divorce agreement. This information will play an important role in negotiating issues such as asset and debt division, property division, alimony, child custody, and child support.

Spouses who are planning on filing for divorce or who have been served with divorce papers must begin gathering these documents as soon as possible, as this process can easily become overwhelming for those who are unprepared. At The Moodie Law Firm, our knowledgeable Denver divorce attorney understands the complexities of your situation and can help you gather the necessary documents with ease.

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What Is “Discovery” During Divorce?

Collecting and disclosing documents during divorce is done during the process of “discovery.” During the discovery stage, spouses in both contested and uncontested divorces are required to honestly and thoroughly exchange information regarding their finances, assets, and personal records. It is imperative that you be completely forthcoming with your attorney throughout this process. Attempting to hide assets or other pertinent information can not only adversely impact the outcome of your case, but it could also expose you to potential legal consequences. Furthermore, attorneys who suspect their client’s spouse may be attempting to hide assets may use a number of different legal tools to obtain this hidden information, such as through the use of document demands, interrogatories, or testimonies given under oath.

When collecting documents, your checklist should include the following:

1. Personal records: Birth certificates of you and your children, marriage licenses, death certificates of previous spouses, social security cards, employment agreements, and divorce records of any previous marriages.

2. Financial documents: Pay stubs, tax returns for the last two years, checking and savings account statements, investment account statements, insurance policies, property leases, and household budgets.

3. Property title deeds: Property deeds, vehicle titles for both joint and separately owned vehicles, and lists of contents of any safe-deposit boxes.

4. Business documents: Corporate tax returns for the last three years, corporate bylaws, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, business property deeds, and corporate credit card statements.

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Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and physically draining experiences you can endure during your lifetime, and it is certainly not one you should consider handling on your own. At The Moodie Law Firm, our trusted Denver family law attorney is equipped with the skills to handle all aspects of your separation and can ensure your rights are protected every step of the way. With compassionate guidance and an uncompromising dedication to preserving your wellbeing, we can help you get through this time as smoothly as possible.

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