Child Endangerment & Marijuana

Child Endangerment & Marijuana

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Have you been investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS) regarding your legal recreational use of marijuana? While cannabis has been decriminalized for adult use in the state of Colorado, it is still considered a Schedule I substance and can present concerns if used in a home where children also reside. At The Moodie Law Firm, our Denver family attorney is intimately familiar with both child endangerment and marijuana laws and can help you fight to maintain your rights to your children.

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Is Marijuana Use Child Abuse?

Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in 2012, with several other states following suit in subsequent years. While these reforms have ushered in an internationally unprecedented progressive drug policy in the United States, they have not necessarily freed individuals from the many punitive layers of drug enforcement. As such, the legalization of marijuana has sparked major concern for child safety and has caused some parents in Colorado to be subject to scrutiny by CPS over the use of marijuana in the home, whether it be for recreational or registered medical purposes.

Parents who use or grow marijuana in their home must do so in a manner that is responsible and discrete from children in order to avoid attention from CPS. CPS may investigate a person’s home in the event that they are reported for cannabis use or if a pregnant woman or her newborn tests positive for marijuana. CPS representatives will generally take the following factors into account to determine if a child is in danger:

  • The cleanliness and visual welfare of the child
  • The visible presence of marijuana in the home
  • A child’s ease of access to marijuana
  • The smell of cannabis in the home

If CPS believes that your child is being abused due to exposure to marijuana, it may forcibly remove the child from your care and place them in the custody of a relative, foster home, or group home. Since the laws regarding the legal use of marijuana in the home vary from county to county, it is urgent you contact our firm as soon as possible to review your legal options and maximize your chances of keeping your family intact.

Powerful Support When You Need It

With so much at stake, you need an advocate in your corner who will aggressively defend your rights as a parent and provide compassionate support during this difficult time. At the Moodie Law Firm, our Denver family lawyer understands how precious your children are to you and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to help you maintain the right to play an active role in their lives. No parent should have to endure undue scrutiny over their responsible cannabis use, and we are prepared to go the distance in pursuit of a favorable outcome for your situation.

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