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Sole Custody in Colorado

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In Colorado, a court will determine child custody based on what is in the best interest of a child. While there is a strong presumption that both parents should play a role in the life of their children, sole custody agreements may be granted when it can be shown that one parent is unfit to care for children. Whether you are fighting for full residential responsibility or decision-making rights, the Moodie Law Firm can work to protect your family’s best interests. Our Denver family law attorney has substantial experience helping parents to find the right solutions for child custody and understands the legal hurdles which may lie ahead.

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When Can Sole Custody Be Ordered?

Parents must be able to prove that sole custody is in their child’s best interest and that the other parent is not fit to take on the responsibility of child care. Allegations against a parent are not enough and you must possess evidence to prove your case before a judge. For example, sole custody is often considered in cases where one parent is found guilty of physical or emotional child abuse. While offenses such as domestic violence can be punished in a criminal court, for the purposes of family law and child custody agreements, a spouse may only need to prove that the alleged events were more likely than not to have occurred.

Factors a judge may consider when determining child custody include:

  • The ability of each parent to provide care and support for a child
  • The physical location of each parent
  • The emotional connection a child has with a parent
  • The physical and mental condition of the child and parents

In certain cases where a child is determined to be adequately mature, a judge may consider the wishes of the child when determining custody. While there is no guarantee that this will occur, the expressed wants of your child may work for or against your case.

Compassionate Legal Counsel

While fighting for sole custody can be tremendously complex, you do not have to go through the legal process alone. Whether you are currently working through a divorce or looking to modify an existing agreement, the Moodie Law Firm can help you to overcome the challenges that you may be facing. Our firm’s lead Denver divorce attorney possesses a proven track record of success in all aspects of family law and can provide the straightforward advocacy you need in order to make the most informed decision.

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