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Joint Custody in Colorado

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Of all the issues divorcing parents must resolve, child custody can be among the most heated. Both parents may want to see that their family is cared for, however, frustration often makes cooperation difficult. When decisions cannot be reached, a dispute may head into the courtroom. In Colorado, there is a strong presumption to award joint custody in order to keep both parents in the life of a child. Sole custody is typically only considered when it can be shown that one parent is unfit to provide care or represents a danger to the child, such as with cases of domestic violence.

If you are currently involved in a child custody dispute or wish to revisit an existing agreement, the Moodie Law Firm can provide the compassionate advocacy that you need. We understand the stress which divorce can put on children especially and our legal team can work tirelessly to help your family move through this process smoothly. It is likely that you will have many questions about your situation and our Denver family law attorney can help you get the answers you need.

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How Joint Custody is Determined

The term “joint custody” can refer to at least two separate legal responsibilities: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the location and parent with whom the child lives while legal custody refers to the ability to make decisions on behalf of the child, such as with medical and financial considerations. How parents share these responsibilities can depend on a number of factors and while agreements will typically award both parents time with their children, it may not be an equal 50/50 split. When structuring any child custody agreement, a court will base judgments on what is in the best interest of a child. This means that when all information is taken into account, the situations which see the child is best cared for will typically override other factors.

When awarding custody, a judge may consider factors including:

  • Each parent's ability to provide financial support
  • The emotional bond between a child and each parent
  • The location and living arrangement of each parent
  • Any special medical or health needs of a family
  • Evidence of current or past domestic violence or abuse

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