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As one of the most contested matters in divorces and legal separations, child custody is a complex and sensitive issue. Parent who are divorcing with children often have difficulty agreeing on who will have primary custody or how custody will be shared. This is one of the primary reasons that divorces and separations go to litigation, costing everyone time and money. But it is possible to have your custody matter settled out of court in a private and dignified matter.

How can our Colorado child custody lawyer help you?

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Whatever your individual circumstances may be, talk to our Denver child custody lawyer at The Moodie Law Firm for assistance with your child custody matter. Having a lawyer on your side could be the difference between achieving the outcome you want or not.

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How Is Child Custody Decided in Denver, CO?

It truly depends on the specific circumstances, but the court tends to make child custody decisions based on several basic factors. If one parent makes more money, has a closer relationship with the child, or has proven to be a more reliable parent, they may be granted custody. We can help you understand exactly what will be factored in and help you work towards your goals.

Factors that influence child custody:

  • Income of each parent
  • Location of each parent
  • Relationship to the child
  • Child's preference

Helping You Navigate Custody & Visitation Agreements

At The Moodie Law Firm, we are experienced at helping families like yours come up with a solution for child custody and visitation. Our Denver child custody lawyer fully understands that your child's future is at stake, as well as your long-term relationship with him or her. This is why we work hard to create a sound, balanced, and fair agreement that both parents are able to agree on. When it comes to matters that relate to your children, we do whatever possible to keep the stress of a legal battle from affecting them.

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