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At its core, the adoption process works to establish a legally binding parent-child relationship where one did not exist before. There are various personal and biological reasons which can make adopting a child the right choice for families or prospective parents. Many different avenues for adoption exist and depending on your situation, the process can be legally complex. If you have questions about what may be best for your family, the Moodie Law Firm can help. Our Denver family law attorneys understand how important family can be and we possess substantial experience helping prospective parents with the adoption process.

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Types of Adoption

The specific process for adoption can differ greatly depending on the method a prospective parent chooses, however, they all share common traits. For example, to be eligible for adoption in Colorado, prospective parents must pass an investigation known as a home study. Here a parent may be judged on factors including financial stability, marital health, work-life balance, criminal history, and if parents have other dependent children. After a social worker completes the home study examination, a judge will rule on if the adoption process can proceed.

Types of adoption can include:

  • Private agency adoptions can be beneficial as they typically have shorter wait times and less overall variance than when individuals go through public agencies. However, private adoptions are typically more expensive.
  • Public agency adoption and foster home adoptions can be less expensive overall but may have longer waiting periods for prospective parents. Children placed through public facilities are typically wards of the state.
  • Step-parent adoptions refer to situations where the biological or custodial parent’s new spouse formally adopts a child. The adoption process for step parents can be less complicated unless the other biological parent raises a legal objection.

After the process is complete, the adoptive parent will gain the legal rights and responsibilities, of a biological and custodial parent. Correspondingly, in the eyes of the law, the child will be entitled to the same privileges as a child by birth. Additionally, any legal ties between the former parent and child will be severed. The previous parent will no longer be able to make decisions for or act on behalf of the child.

Making the Right Choice for Your Family

Taking a child into your home through the process of adoption can be one of the most amazing things that parents can do. Whether you are seeking to adopt through a public agency or you are a step-parent looking to formalize existing bonds, Our Denver family law lawyer can help you to see that the process goes as smoothly as possible. We are proud to help prospective parents to achieve their goals, and if you have any questions regarding how our firm can help your family, do not hesitate to contact the Moodie Law Firm today.

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