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A will is a valuable legal document that makes it easy for people to express their wishes about what to do with their property after their death. The will can be managed by a named person called an executor, who will handle the estate until its final distribution. While most people think about making a will when they’re closer to the end of their life, anyone over the age of 18 can make a will.

Benefits of a Will

If a person dies without a will, the state is in charge of distributing that person’s assets according to its own rules. This may mean an object or sum of money you intended to go to a friend, instead, went to a distant relative. Wills allow people to have a say in how their estates are divided up to a certain extent. These assets are still reduced by the amount of debt a person owed upon his or her death. Wills can allow the domestic partner of a person to inherit an estate or particular assets without the partner having been officially married to the deceased.

Wills also enable you to plan for your children’s care. If you die unexpectedly, the state might decide to send your kids into foster care. However, a will can prevent this from happening by naming a guardian for the children in the will.

It can also be changed at any time if you wish. Through a codicil, you can amend any part of your will at any time so that it can better reflect your most current wishes and assets.


One of the disadvantages to a will is that it must go through probate upon a person’s death. This is the process by which the will is “proved” in court and accepted as a valid public document. A probate court will decide the legal validity of the will and grants its approval to the executor. The executor then has the legal power to dispose of the assets in the manner specified in the will. However, in probate, the will can be contested. Probate can be long, tedious, and expensive, so talk to your attorney about any methods you can use to make the process go faster or to avoid it altogether legally.

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