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If you have children under the age of 18, it is important that you appoint them a legal guardian if anything should happen to you. While dwelling on such thoughts certainly isn’t fun, it is necessary if you wish to secure the health and happiness of your little ones. Through estate planning documents, usually a will, our firm can help you deal with guardianship.

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Choosing a Guardian

The guardian you select for your children will act as a parent toward them, and will hold all of the normal legal responsibilities of raising a child. When choosing a guardian, it is important to consider who can care for your child as you would in all aspects, including emotionally, physically, and financially. If you have multiple children, you have the option to appoint different children to different guardians.

Appointing Guardianship

When you draw up your will, you have an option to designate your chosen guardians within the document. You can specify who you wish to care for your children in the event that both parents should for any reason be unable to.

Alternately, if parents do not appoint a guardian for their children in a legal document, there will be no way of determining who they wished to care for their children. In such circumstances, the court will appoint a guardian, which is usually the closest family member. However, other family members or friends may contest the decision, which could lead to a complex legal battle between your loved ones.

The Moodie Law Firm Can Help

Our experienced attorney can use her legal knowledge and skill to help establish legally binding documents regarding the guardianship of your children. To ensure your wishes are heard and your children protected, reach out to our firm and ask about obtaining the necessary will and documents.

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