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A conservator manages a person’s finances when they are unable to because of an illness, injury, or disability. When a person becomes incapacitated, it can be difficult for them to make informed decisions about their health, money, and living situation. A conservator assists with important estate planning decisions that need to be made.

When Is a Conservator Needed?

Common conditions or situations where having a conservator can be useful include:

  • Coma
  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Severe Brain Injury

If a person cannot make important life decisions, a court will rule that they are incapacitated. Courts will hold a hearing to examine the facts and come to a decision. A person is usually deemed incapacitated if they cannot:

  • Comprehend their finances, healthcare, or living situation well enough to make informed decisions about such matters.
  • Clearly communicate their wishes about significant matters impacting their finances, healthcare, or living situation.

When this happens, the incapacitated induvial is then referred to as a “ward.”

What’s the Difference Between a Guardian & Conservator?

A guardian mostly makes health and non-monetary decisions for an incapacitated person, while a conservator manages both their healthcare and finances. Who is assigned to your case depends on the situation and how the ward is incapacitated. Courts can appoint both a guardian and conservator when they deem it appropriate.

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