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Do you have an estate plan in place that includes a last will and testament, a durable power of attorney, and an advance medical directive? Whether you are getting older and have started to think about estate planning or you want to be prepared for the unexpected, it is important to discuss your long-term goals with a Colorado estate planning lawyer.

An estate plan should include important documents such as:

  • Power of attorney: This authorizes someone to act on your behalf, generally a close family member or loved one. A general power of attorney covers all matters relating to your finances and property.
  • Advanced medical directive: This authorizes someone to act on your behalf in regard to your medical needs when you are incapacitated but still alive.
  • Last will and testament: This specifies exactly who will receive what once you pass away, including physical property and assets. It also lists who will handle the administration of your estate and funds held in a trust.

The sooner you start planning, the more peace of mind you will have. If you fail to prepare your own estate plan, your affairs and all matters of your estate could be left to the next in kin or even to the state to decide. Have our knowledgeable attorney help you create a customized, comprehensive, and legally binding plan that fits your needs.

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At The Moodie Law Firm, we have in-depth knowledge of estate planning laws and cutting-edge planning strategies. We have helped many individuals and families throughout the Denver communities put together estate plans that are thorough and tailored to their goals. Our team can discuss in detail your needs, possible scenarios, tax implications, and your concerns regarding leaving money to certain family members.

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