Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning

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Determining if you are eligible for Medicaid is a complex and time-consuming process. Although the application and review can be lengthy, the consequences of not having Medicaid coverage can be far more troubling. An experienced Medicaid planner can help you configure a strong legal strategy, giving you a better chance of being accepted into the Medicaid program. Our Medicaid planners not only help you better understand your financial resources, but also create trusts, manage your asset transfers, and complete your necessary legal paperwork. Our elder law attorneys have the experience to help guide you through the Medicaid process.

What a Medicaid Planner Can Do for You

While there is free Medicaid assistance widely available, qualified assistance is more likely to come from an experienced Medicaid planner. Some situations might require diligent planning to ensure the medical and financial coverage of you or a loved one. These situations include:

  • One Spouse Requires Care: Medical care costs can easily exceed the value of a couple’s total resources. Because a separation of resources will likely be needed, it is wise to hire a Medicaid planner to help ensure your loved will be allowed to remain living at home.
  • Both Spouses Require Care: Long-term care for two people is extremely pricey. When Medicaid is denied, the caregiving and financial responsibilities placed on family members can be substantial. Planning early in these situations is critical if you want to be accepted into the Medicaid program.
  • Long-Term Family Care: Working with a planner is one way to help preserve assets or wealth for children or grandchildren. Mistakes made while planning for future care can potentially impact eligibility for up to 5 years. Again, Medicaid planning sometimes requires complex legal and financial know-how. Getting help from a planner is strongly advised.
  • A Single Person with no Assets or Income: Typically, the severe financial hardship suggested by the situation qualifies you for Medicaid. Though the need for assistance is not likely in this case, you might want to seek legal assistance to check for procedural errors.

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